I should've been a tattoo artist.

A trip to town.

A hungover me and Lauren Quinn stumbled across this 1974 newspaper after ratching through charity shop furniture, and well i wanted it. We took it to the park and read some of the stories, miles better than what you see nowadays.

It was a good day as i also found a drawing of a dinosaur, it came to mind that some poor kid is out there, dinosaurless, but i decided not to care and kept it.


A lack of blogging.

Having a blog gives you a kind of responsibility, even though it isnt in writing or a rule you feel that you have to blog regularly, well i do. I have lacked in blogging but it has been the easter break and i am mac-less due to something amazing doing something clumsy.
I'll be blogging again soon and i'll be putting up my latest project so watch this space.

Till then here's a few shots of my latest experimentation at a mac (but not mine).

This is it.

Me and my friend Ross Zajac each have the oppurtunity to skate the invite only adidas competition down in London, i speak on behalf of us when i say that we're absolutly stoked to be chosen to represent S4 skate shop in the competition. I've waited too long for an oppurtunity like this to come around so i'll be giving it 'absolute beans' when i'm there.

Adidas skateboard competition information


Steven insisted.

'Photoshop manipulation dog' thanks to this search i found this.

What a good find.