Aiming higher

I have been getting productive and went and made myself a new platform for my newest work.

Get it checked out: http://cargocollective.com/DSVC


Don't Panic

It has been a while, but i'm working on something big.
In the meantime here is a poster i've designed for an online competition.

You can vote for it by clicking the 'like' button...

Thanks guys!



First for third.

First project. Third year. Two times as hard.

Here's some screens from my development stages, i'll enlighten your eyes with the finished thing when it is made.


Random greatness.





Gypsy Dylan.

Lately with being back in Whitehaven i've been going up to my fields and spending time with my horses, for some reason i neglected and almost hated the fact of visiting them. Now i might be getting old but it's unbelievably relaxing. Enough about me though, more work coming soon.

Rhiannon's a beast on the horse.


Coming soon.

Just came back from London after a packed four days with Lauren Quinn, it was beyond good and the photos will be up soon.



Knocking up some flyers for s4 skateshop, just wondering if this sticker slap technique works really.

I was told it needed a lot of information (but this is usually too overwhelming) so i let the picture speak the words, it's less likely that people will throw it in the bin then.

A change of plan has brought me here, i realise i wan't to play on peoples curiosity and engagement instead of handing them a bland poo of a flyer. Please let me know if you like where it's heading.


Laying it out.

Today i finished redoing my layout project; ordering the pages to make it a book was a bad head.

I do apologize for the quality of some of the pictures, but, it's only blogger...

And here's the fancy ones.


Peer pressure.

We've lost another.



I'm in the process of changing my very first project of year 2, well, not exactly changing it, just making it more professional. It's going good, here look.

Get out.

Until i see footage of this i won't believe it.

This has got to be photoshop trickery.


Tart cards.

Are absolute hidden gems and my new optional brief is to design one that is linked to design and myself. I've been harsh on myself and made it a one day brief. bring it on.


No slacking.

So, i've just finished year two, it was bloody hard at times but i did it somehow. My time now should be spent relaxing and doing nothing for a while but i've decided to knock up my own brief up instead.

The brief is to design a t-shirt design (4 possible finals) that people would want to buy, really want to buy.


Illustration Friday: Beginner.

This is an illustration i did for Mothers day. It was based on drawings i did when i was a wee dot, my mum kept the lot of them aswell.