C'est Fini.

Edinburgh fringe festival leaflet, finished.

i hope you like.


Coming along nicely.

This is a project based around the Edinburgh fringe festival, its been really practical and hands on, ive really enjoyed it so far.


Done and hopefully dusted.

So today i finished my final piece of typography work for my current project and here it is.

I want your thoughts, views, comments, ideas, opinions, criticism and souls.


In a pickle.

My latest project is to design a double page spread for a chosen artist, i've been working on it for a few days now and have started some mock ups. What i feel is my strongest layout has two versions and i would like your views and ideas as to which one works best, do comment.


London 2012.

A piece of year one work for the london 2012 olympics. I think has potential but its not quite finished... yet.

Sam and i getting productive.

Mattress monster.

Sam the chicken.

It's begun, and its shit hot.

First of a many posts.

And i already have a headache trying to figure it out. this piece of year one work has my current expression plastered all over its face. enjoy.