...is bangin'.

Click on the picture to enlarge, it be made from dots.

Corporate identity (signage system).

Here's my final two A2 boards showing the signage system for my UK space agency building. I'm going to put a few paragraphs here and there to help explain some of the elements the pictures and conceptual drawings don't fully explain. Any thoughts or opinions would be awesome.


Balmoral road EP launch night.

Here's a poster i designed for my friends band, its at the source cafe and i think you should go to it, i was pleasantly surprised by what i heard when i first listened to them, so click 'attending'...




Looking at these posters really inspired me to try one myself. It feels good to have done something.



I know this isn't the most awesome thing you've seen done on it but i'm finally getting it down. Finally.

Ok, photoshop played a little part in the second one. Just a little part.


Concrete's 7?!

Concrete's 7th birthday party, this night'll be well sick. Get down.

Ah, they grow up so fast.

I love my dogs.

And i hate my cats.

Cats are not 'this' cool.


Illustration friday.

Warning is the topic.

Be warned of any dog that can carry teacups on its head.

The excuse.

For not really starting this new project yet...

...it'll pass.


In bad taste.

My second poster for concrete, its for a bad taste party and should be a well sick night.

I have Stephen Arthur to thank for this one, he's a boss on illustrator.


Big Fat Logos.

I just cant accept logos, however, i'm not too disappointed with this one.